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PK Network Starts 2018 As Campaign Magazine Contest Finalists

Campaign Magazine’s “Cover Hack” contest invited creatives to design the wrap of their February print edition, in partnership with Ai Media Group. PK Network submitted a number of entries, one of which was named as a top 10 finalist. The theme was “The Epic Journey of Advertising.” PK Network designed a cover that portrays both…

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Business Referrals Bring Big Rewards

Word of mouth is alive and well. Business referrals from satisfied consumers and clients are one of the most effective ways for companies to expand their customer bases. Finding the right tone and approach to help generate this positive buzz is key. At PK Network, we have a proven track record of creating highly-effective incentive…

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Celebrating A Milestone Of Growth

Our new campaign for Mediacom Business celebrates their growing customer base, which has now reached over 75,000 customers. Using a documentary approach, we profile a range of small businesses across America who are embracing technology as a way to grow and expand their business. At the same time, we’re eliciting a “me too” attraction, a…

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Campaign Recap: Uncover The Truth TV Spots

Uncover the Truth

Are you watching a Kung Fu movie? A hard-boiled cop show? A news report, or a soap opera? In our recent campaign for Mediacom Business, yes you are – at least until the characters break out of their genres to uncover the truth about Mediacom Business’ products. On the surface, thinking about internet, phone and…

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