Uncover the Truth

Are you watching a Kung Fu movie? A hard-boiled cop show? A news report, or a soap opera? In our recent campaign for Mediacom Business, yes you are – at least until the characters break out of their genres to uncover the truth about Mediacom Business’ products.

On the surface, thinking about internet, phone and tv for your business can be a bit on the dry side. But when wrapped in an attention-getting spot that surprises with a memorable moment of discovery, viewers got the message that they too should uncover the truth, and save big when they make the switch. Over the campaign’s 3 year run, TV and direct mail elements contributed to a 43% increase in inbound sales calls compared to the year prior, and a 60% lift in web visits. And, it resonated creatively as well, garnering Cablefax, NAMIC and Telly Awards.

Below are a few favorites, or browse through all 28 spots.

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